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This Gallery of Photographs provides an indication of the wide range of quality products that we have produced for our many clients.

Foot bar railing visible below the BDL Holdings sign.
BDL Holdings foot bar railing
Stainless steel hand railing wither side of a marble ramp
Stainless steel hand rail with 180° bends
A view of the workshop and machinery, with the auto saw in the foreground
Auto saw for all purpose cutting up 3"
A rack holding a row of bent tube frames.
Frame work all sizes
Tube bent to be used for a horse washing stall sitting on the ground.
Horse washing stall
A stainless steel pedestrian barrier installed next to a tram line crossing.
Stainless steel barrier
Railing running either side of a ramp.
Accessibility railing
A pile of pipe bent with 90 degree mandrel bends
90° mandrel bends
A park sign with a bent tube frame, installed in a park.
Street park signage
Prestige style hand railing, with a 180 degree bend at the end leading into a vertical post
Prestige railing
Three piles of pipe bent with a 180 degree mandrel bend
180° mandrel bends
A pipe with two 90 degree bends sitting on the ground.
An undercover open area, with three bollards connected together with tube to form a street barrier
Street barriers bollards
Three stainless steel hand railings (two on the outside, one in the middle), running down some historic steps
Stainless steel stair railing
A pile of tubes with 45 degree mandrel bends
45° stock mandrel bends
Galvanised tube bent into a guard around an outdoor water meter
Meter guarding
A stainless steel hand rail running down an internal stairwell
Stair well handrail
A pile of tubes with 180 degreen bends sitting in an interleaved pile
Tubes for heating systems
A pile of mile-steel pipe sections with 180 degree mandrel bends
Mild steel 180° mandrel bends
Tube bent into a trolley handle shape, sitting on the ground
Trolley handles
Two lots of stainless steel hand railing running down some outdoor steps
Stainless steel hand rail
A row of stock pipe with 90 degree mandrel bends
90° stock mandrel bends
An outdoor fence system, with bars that are bent at 180 degrees at the top.  The fencing surrounds a row of brick homes.
Bends for fencing
A row of bike racks, with bikes locked to it, installed near the sea with a ship in the background
Bike racks
A row of three stainless steel outdoor chairs, made with a tube frame
Seat Frames (front view)
Side view of the stainless steel outdoor frames, installed in a train station
Seat frames (side view)
Double stainless steel hand rails near some outdoor stairs, with a 90 degree mandrel bend
Handrails, 90° Mandrel bend
A sign for a series of offices, made from a bent steel tube frame
Frames for signs
A small bike rack installed in the pavers near a shopping area
Bike frames
A double width, double bar stainless steel handrain running down some outdoor stairs
Stainless steel mandrel handrails
A water jacket pipe, with bends and an outlet, setting on the ground
Water jacket
Hand rails running alongside some stairs and the landing in an office setting
Office hand rails
A stainless steel bollard, in front of a parking area with some cars in the background
Stainless steel bollard
A handrail used for pool stairs, sitting on the ground
Pool handrail
Brass pipe bent above a bar with a row of beer taps on it, installed in a bar.
Beer pipe taps
Pedestrial barriers installed alongside the shallow ramp up to a tram stop
Pedestrian barriers
Railing running alongside an outdoor ramp next to a street
Railing running alongside a accessibility ramp at a shopping centre
Shopping center walkway
Yellow bollard installed at a road access point
Yellow bollard
A rack made from square steel tube
A raised blue hopper sitting on the ground
A tilting bin, being tilted with a lift
Tilt a bin
A yellow bollard with a 90 degree section at the top
A bar stool made with bent bar on the outsides
Bar stool