BDL Holdings Pty Ltd. is an Australian owned and operated company in Adelaide, centrally located at Richmond, specialising in high quality mandrel tube and pipe bending.

BDL Holdings has 30 years of service and experience in mandrel tube and pipe bending, supplying customers in the automotive, mining, nautical, aviation, construction, agricultural, viticultural, leisure, housing, furniture and medical equipment industries.

Serving Customers anywhere in Australia


At BDL Holdings we provide a full range of pipe and tube bending products, design advice, quality workmanship, competitive pricing and on time delivery to meet your needs

Tube and Pipe Bending

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Tube and Pipe Bending

With our 30 years of service and experience in the industry, we can guarantee high-quality customised tube and pipe bending services from the easiest to the most complex shapes.

Tube End Forming

We provide tube end forming services including tube reducing and expanding, o-ring end forming, 45-degree flares, bead/ring rolling, and tube tapering. 


Our quality fabrication services include sheet metal works, stainless steel fabrication, architectural metalwork, structural plate work, and more!

Mig/ Tig Welding

With access to high-grade welding equipment, we can precisely make high-quality parts for all types of metals and alloys.


We have various machines that can roll large radius and coil along with round, square or rectangular hollow structural sections. 

Tube and  Pipe Cutting

Our range of semi-automatic and automatic saws allow the most accurate cuts up to 100 mm at a very high speed.

We provide free specialist advice and quotes.